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We Offer High-Quality Shredding At Low Prices

My Office offers high quality, dependable document shredding services at the lowest prices in the Dallas, TX area and we stand behind our experience and attention to detail.

When done correctly, document shredding is the ultimate security measure to protect your sensitive personal and business information from falling into the hands of identity thieves. Few CPAs, doctors or attorneys would toss files into a dumpster without first shredding them to protect their clients’ sensitive personal information. Imagine the crisis that could occur if personal banking information, Social Security or business tax identification numbers fell into the wrong hands!
In recent years there have been a number of highly publicized reports of security breaches among some of the nation’s largest corporations and government agencies. The problem has become so serious that many business agreements between clients and vendors now include the assurance that all proprietary documentation is shredded or otherwise destroyed once the data contained within is no longer needed.

Here are some examples of documents the require shredding:

  • Legal documents
  • Personnel records
  • Medical records
  • Banking records
  • Archival classified government information
  • Engineering schematics, drawings, plots and plans
Off-site document shredding doesn't use up any of your precious office or home space. When older documents and files are ready to be disposed of, they are placed into a locked bin and scheduled for routine pickup. This frees up clutter and keeps sensitive information secure from theft.
For quick and reliable shredding and document destruction services in Dallas, TX, see the experts at My Office.


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